The Chains of Exaltation

Group Writeup - Hightail

As fires smoldered within The Unknown Blessing, Kagern makes it known that he’ll be leaving Wu Jian soon, and gave the whereabouts of the ship in case anyone else decided leaving would be a good idea. Moarumbra and Skip investigate one of the Dragonblooded bodies while Rippling Amber attempts to spur the barkeep into action by getting water before his establishment burned down. He quickly left (and was not seen again), while the warrior monk used what he could to contain the burning Realm soldier’s corpse.

As the ship captain leaves the tavern, he does his best to blend in, while quickly seeing to all of the tasks necessary so his ship, Solace, is ready to set off. he passes by some Realm soldiers without issue, however the soldier quickly spots Hannibal as she steps out from the inn attempting to follow Kagern. Knowing she’s been spotted, she quickly takes off in an attempt to lose the pursuers in the crowd. Moarumbra pokes his head out of the inn shortly thereafter and is spotted by some soldiers who break off hunting the Night caste. Stepping back inside, Moarumbra dove across the gambling den, over the heads of dozens of men and hid himself while the soldiers entered and looked around.

On the second story of the inn, Skip gathers up some of the armor of the fallen dragonbloded and states that it’s imperative that they leave immediately. At that moment, marching footsteps are heard – Rippling Amber dives for the reaper daiclave but finds he can hardly lift it, and then readies himself as soldiers enter the common room. Some of the soldiers charge in, bloodying the monk further when he had barely any time to catch his breath from the previous encounter, however he holds his own and keeps soldiers occupied while the young archer peppers them with his flaming arrows. Seeing that the Realm soldiers were preoccupied, Moarumbra leaps across the gambling den again to enter the staircase that the soldiers had taken, and finds some still stuck within; seeing a perfect opportunity, he strikes at the slowest recruit but finds his tiger claw gets stuck in the armor. Reading the room, and dimming his anima, he slips between the other two soldiers remaining hidden from all other threats, while keeping his eyes locked on his prey. The assassin’s luck and skill would only last for so long as eventually, all three soldiers began to attack him; feigning death, one of the soldiers exclaimed, “I killed one!” and then went off to help his commander…the commander who was just peirced to the wall by a burning arrow, The other two, not certain that this Solar was actually slain were about to launch a coup de grĂ¢ce, but an ephemeral snake appeared and tied up a soldier while another ran off. Moarumbra quickly felled the bound soldier, and then, in less time than one could blink, the assassin had crossed the room and buried his tiger claw in the neck of the one who felled him, whispered “I killed one” in his ear, and slowly turned his head around to see the Solar was alive and well.




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