The Chains of Exaltation

In Media Rez

Aftermath of the battle in The Unknown Blessing

It only took moments for a the scene of the normal common room to turn into a scene of violence, chaos, and destruction.

The common room had always had a low sonorous murmur to it, occasionally punctuated by shouts of joy or angry accusations from the gambling den below. Now, however, it rings silent save for the flame crackling on the hardwood floors and a nearby table and the heavy breathing of a few patrons. No one moves, for fear the action might be mistaken for an attempt to do more violence. The normally subdued smell of overcooked stew and unwashed patrons has been replaced by the copper tang of blood and the smell of cooked (human) meat. The taste in everyone’s’ mouth is that of bitter and heated ash as smoke slowly starts to fill the room.

Two of the unassailable dragon blessed lie dead on the floor, dead by the hands of four figures glowing like the sun. The beams of their auras seem to cut the cloud of dark smoke and as if inviting all to bear witness to their glory and power. For a Dragon Blooded clad in the weapons and armaments of the first age is a foe so far beyond mortal men that a swaddled infant would have better odd facing off with a Death Moa. And had all the wisdom of the floor below seen the inception of this fight and put odds, there would have been a windfall to break the house’s accounts.

One of the Dragon Blooded lies dead with a horrible wound across his neck and face. The other lies dead in a puddle of blood in the center of a bonfire. It appears that without his animated spirit, his immunity to fire is proving less reliable. Between the two corpses lie a fortune in the shape of a white jade reaper daiklave scribed with ancient glyphs, a red jade daiklave giving the weapon’s mantra in high realm script, and two suits of Red Jade Lamellar Armor both inscribed with the mons of House Sesus.

You are one of the victorious solar exalted. What do you do?



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