Chargda Demonbreaker

Bounty Hunter of the West


An older man a body well turned to the hard living of a wanderer. His skin is dark from constant exposure to the sun and his hair is thin and frail from a life of exposure to the salty air. His clothes are austentatious and mismatched to make any pirate captain proud. He is deadly, and it shows in a way to put others on edge, even when he is unarmed and not threatening.
This man is dangerous.


Chargda is a bounty hunter who has worked for many factions, but his methods and associations lend him towards clients who are brutal. Subsequently, he has worked many contracts for the Lintha family.

Additionally, he has worked for Realm agents and the Guild at times.

He is known to work with demons and be a powerful sorcerer.

Chargda Demonbreaker

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