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  • Group Writeup - Exaltation

    [[:jason-s-character | Kagern]], after making a "deal" with the [[:the-lintha-family | The Lintha Family]], begins travelling to [[Wu Jian | Wu Jian]]. Three days out, a Realm naval ship flags them down for an inspection. Panicking, Kagern dumps the …

  • Group Writeup - Hightail

    As fires smoldered within [[The Unknown Blessing | The Unknown Blessing]], [[:jason-s-character | Kagern]] makes it known that he'll be leaving [[Wu Jian]] soon, and gave the whereabouts of the ship in case anyone else decided leaving would be a good idea …

  • The Unknown Blessing

    [[Main Page | Back to Main Page]] A six story building in Wu Jian. The first level is a gambling den - specifically cards. The second level is a common room/tavern. The upper four levels are all rooms for rent.

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