Wahapu Taha Reef

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A small island on the Wu Jian archipelago. Its name mean “Reef Side Haven” and that is due to the fact that the island is protected by trecherous shifting reefs. This has made it impossible for any significant force to invade the island. But small craft with a shallow beam could reach the island. And 200 years ago a group of monks saw the island as the spiritual home for their beliefs. It has served as the home for the monks of The Indirect Path ever since then.

The safety of the island (and the monks who protected it) brought others over the years, and a small village of a few hundred people had grown up around the temple. That is until Dark Figure came in the dead of night and destroyed the entire village single handedly. There were only five survivors: Rippling Amber, Leilana, Sideways, and a pair of orphans.

The survivors fled to Wu Jian and the island has been abandoned.

Wahapu Taha Reef

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